• Namak Mandi Dishes

    Namak Mandi dishes that are roasted without any spices with just salt on charcoal, lending a distinct taste to them; these dishes are sure to make you swoon with pleasure. The rich culinary experience can be enjoyed along with succulent and unbeatable MEGA LAMB CHOPS.

    Namak Mandi cuisines
  • Enjoy the Taste of traditional meat dishes

    Our Specialty is the traditional meat dishes, viz DUM PUKHT, Namkeen Karahi & Tikka

    Namak Mandi cuisines
  • Tradition served in style


    Namak Mandi cuisines
  • a unique taste

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    Namak Mandi cuisines
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Namak Mandi Invision

Namak Mandi cuisines

?NAMAK MANDI is a traditional restaurant located in the heart of Saddar, Rawalpindi serving authentic Saltish Cuisine, including dum pukht,namkeen karahi and traditional hot Namkeen tikka from Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, as well as spicy Handi, Karahi and BBq dishes from cultural Punjab. An exotic and traditional environment awaits you, at Namak Mandi.

Namak Mandi was established in 1980, serving traditional cuisines, from Namak Mandi Peshawar. Today, moving into our second generation, we have progressed to several outlets in Peshawar and Rawalpindi?


What makes us Special?

We specialize in Namak Mandi. We have celebrity chefs hired directly from Peshawar to prepare authentic food in order for our customers to relish the taste of their favorite food. It is our guarantee that you will find the best.

  • Qabuli Pulao
  • Lamb Dum Pukht
  • Namkeen Lamb Tikka
  • Namkeen Lamb Karahi
  • Chapli Kabab
  • Mutton Tikka
  • Mutton Karahi
Namak Mandi cuisines